Who Are We

Sustainable Solutions (Pvt.) Limited (SSPL) is a consortium of consultants and renowned professionals from development sector having expertise in human and social development, environmental management, environmental law and institutional and organizational development. SSPL is a corporate entity registered in Islamabad Pakistan under Companies Ordinance 1984.

The company specializes in Capacity Building, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation and offers wide ranging consulting services to private, public and corporate sector institutions, donor community, NGOs and other civil society organizations, helping them in their pursuit of Sustainable Development.

The company has its head office in Islamabad and regional offices in Quetta, Balochistan and Gilgit (Gilgit – Baltistan).

Our Vision

To enable organizations and practitioners enhance their understanding of sustainability and interrelationship of human and nature for responsible use of resources further encouraging and promoting environmental friendly and socially responsible actions.

Our Mission

Achieve and deliver quality, accuracy and sustainability in the triangular development initiatives of social, economic and environmental development, through research and capacity building of the organizations and individuals.


The company operates around the following key objectives:

  • To promote sustainable practices at all levels of interventions by organizations and individuals to meet the challenges of sustainable development.
  • To assist organizations and individuals understand systems thinking and apply sustainability criteria in the planning process and implementation mechanisms.
  • Promote environmental friendly and socially responsible pattern of the use of resources.
  • To provide tools and techniques to help organizations and individuals make informed choices in ensuring provision of quality goods and services.
  • Promote best practices and ethical business values.