What We Do

In pursuit of the above objectives, SSPL provides consulting services to organizations and individuals through:

Operational and policy Research

Designing and conducting Operational and policy Research on socioeconomic and environmental aspects of a wide-ranging development programs and projects including:

  • Designing and carrying out surveys and situational analysis to establish benchmarks/baselines and results of project inputs, outputs, effects and impacts through applying quantitative and quantitative research techniques in pre-project, during implementation and post project implementation scenarios.
  • Designing and conducting displacement assessment studies for communities displaced internally due to internal conflicts, natural calamities and development projects; identifying impacts and development needs of affected/displaced communities and proposing impact mitigation including provisions and programs for immediate and long-term socioeconomic uplift of the affected communities.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation of development projects and interventions which include:

  • Development of monitoring and evaluation systems and procedures for projects and programs by applying Logical Framework Analysis (LFA), Project Cycle Management (PCM) and Result Based Management System (RBM) etc.
  • Collection of qualitative and quantitative data and information.
  • Monitoring of implementation of Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plan (LARP), Short Resettlement Plan (SRP) and Environmental Management Plan (EMP).
  • Conducting research and development of case studies, investigative reports and enabling the project staff in the implementation of M&E system as and tools through hands on training and capacity building.
  • Conducting program and projects Audits.

Training and Capacity Building

Provision of Customized Training and Capacity Building Programs to organizations and individuals enabling them to deliver quality goods and services and ensuring sustainability across the three bottom lines of economy, society and environment.

Environment & Social Safeguards

Carrying out Social Safeguards and Environmental Impact Assessments for development projects implemented in line with national regulatory requirements.

Carrying out Social, Resettlement and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs & SIAs, SRPs and LARPs), for development projects implemented in line with National Regulatory requirements, social and environmental laws and safeguard policies of International Financiers of Projects.