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Preparation of Physical Environment component For EIA of Tarbela 5th Extension Hydro Power Project

The PakHydroelectric-Dam-in-Pakistan-Tarbela-Damistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) and National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC) with funding from the World Bank (WB) plan to undertake Tarbela 5th Extension Hydropower Project (T5HP or the Project) by developing 1,410 MW(3 turbines x 470 MW) extension to the power generating capacity of the Tarbela Dam. The additional capacity will be achieved by converting the 5th irrigation tunnel of the Tarbela Dam for hydropower generation. The T5HP has two major components :(i) power generation facilities and (ii) power evacuation facilities. The major works included under T5HP are: (a) modifications to the Tunnel 5 and building a new power house and its ancillaries to generate about 1,800 GWh of power annually (b) a new 50 km of 500 kV double circuit transmission line from Tarbela to Islamabad West Grid Station for power evacuation, and (c) a new 500 kV Islamabad West Grid Station.

Consultants from SSPL were hired to conduct baseline and impact assessment studies for Physical environment component of the ESIA.

The ultimate objective of the study is to make the project environmentally responsible and socially acceptable. The specific objectives of this study can be identified as follows:

  • To collect the baseline data on physical conditions of the project area using primary as well as secondary data.
  • To carryout environmental assessment including the supporting administrative and legal framework of the proposed infrastructure.
  • To identify mitigation measures of the potential environmental and noticeable impacts and proposing impacts.
  • To propose institutional responsibilities and methods of monitoring the mitigation measures and monitoring procedures.
  • To prepare the Environmental Management Plan.
Year 2015-2015
Location Tarbela
Cost PKR 4 million
Duration 4 months
Client(s) WAPDA, World Bank
Role of Organization Environmental Consultants