Client Information

National Highway Authority (NHA) Pakistan

NHA is the regulatory body for roads and communication in Pakistan. Being gateway between south and central Asia, Pakistan is going to develop a network of roads and communication infrastructure. Sustainable Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd provides services in conducting Environment and Social Impact Assessments, preparation of Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plan (LARP) and Short Resettlement Plans (SRPs) and in Implementation of Resettlement Plans as panel consultant to the esteemed organization.
SSPL through its experts is currently monitoring the LARP implementation on Faisalabad – Multan (M4) Motorway project and has also conducted the third party monitoring of LARP implementation of its Kalat – Quetta – Chaman (KQC) N-25 road project. The monitoring assignments also include the routine baselining, review and updating resettlement plans along with regular monitoring reports.