Social Safeguards/ Social Resett.

Lower Bari Doab Canal Improvement Project

news201006_151_0Punjab irrigation Department is implementing project for the rehabilitation of irrigation network in Punjab Canal system with the funding of Asian Development Bank. Sustainable Solutions is providing external monitoring services for the project. The scope of services included;

• Review and verify internal monitoring reports prepared by LAR Unit and PIUs;
• Review of the socio-economic baseline census information of pre-displaced persons;
• Identification and selection of impact indicators;
• Impact assessment through formal and informal surveys with the affected persons;
• Consultation with APs, officials, community leaders for preparing review report; and
• Assess the resettlement efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability, drawing lessons for future resettlement policy formulation and planning

Year 2011-2013
Location Punjab, Pakistan
Cost Rs. 5.00 million
Duration 24 Months (Dec 2010- Jan 2013)
Client(s) Punjab Irrigation Department, Pakistan
Role of Organization Leading consultants of the assignment