Training/ Capacity Build.

Exposure Visit from Earthquake Affected Area to Punajb

Expousure Earth QuickI-LED planned and commissioned out an exposure visit for a group of about 25 progressive farmers from their project area of Bagh District to various agricultural institutions in Punjab. The exposure visit aimed at focusing on familiarizing the farmers to modern techniques and approaches adopted by public and private institutions in agriculture and livestock sectors.  I-LED also wanted the farmers to be exposed to best practices in agriculture sector enabling them to manage their resources in a better manner. Sustainable Solutions (Pvt) Ltd., (SSPL) was selected to organize the mentioned exposure visit

Year 2008
Location Lahore, Faisalabad and Islamabad
Cost Rs. 1.00 million
Duration 01 month (March10-16, 2008)
Client(s) USAID/ Relief International/ CNFA
Role of Organization Lead Consultants